President Addresses on 26th June Celebrations at the Presidential Palace


President Addresses on 26th June Celebrations at the Presidential Palace

President Addresses on 26th June Celebrations at the Presidential Palace





In the Name of Allah, the Most Magnificent and the Most Benevolent:



Thanks to Allah that made us possible to commemorate 58 years of Independence.


I would like to extend warm greetings to the dignitaries from the embassies, neighboring countries, UN staff, and other distinguished guests.


The chairman of the House of Elders (Guurti), the chairman of the House of Representatives, Chief Justice, Former vice presidents, top brass official of UCID and WADDANI and KULMIYE Parties, Ethiopian Ambassador to Somaliland, Turkey envoy, Djibouti envoy and EU officials: May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be Upon You.


I hereby extend my congratulatory message to the people of Somaliland on this occasion of commemorating 58 years of Independence from Britain on the 26th June, 1960. As a result, many countries recognized Somaliland as a state at that time.


I am also indebted to the security forces that stood up to defend their country in the hardships.


I would like to point out some few lines on this historic day – 26th June. Somaliland was under the British Protectorate whilst Somalia was colonized by the Italians. Then, our country, seeking the unity of all the Somali people, in the Horn of Africa, united with the Somalia under the colony of Italy on 1st July, 1960.


I would like to remind you that Somaliland parliament carried out a debate on 27th June, 1960. They agreed upon the unification with Somalia unconditionally. Only two members – Mohamed H Ibrahim Egal and Garad Ali opposed that decision and suggested further consultations. On that day, zealous women and children were encouraging the unity as they also refuted against anyone who lambasted the unity.

Consequently, 30 years of animosity and hostility started for Somaliland hailing people, but fortunately Somaliland reclaimed its sovereignty on May 18th, 1991.

After the rebirth of Somaliland, Somalia perpetrated calumnious hostilities against the people of Somaliland.  Apart from the defamatory animosities and interferences, Somalia confronted the world in helping Somaliland.

As you aware of, last week, the PM of Somalia wrote a letter requesting to suspend the aid of International Community over Somaliland.

The regional state presidents all Somalia have also endorsed the decision and wrote the same letter to the world asking the same demand.

We are mystified about the contradictory statements – Somali people must be united – unity is sacred and at the same time igniting fracas and skirmishes, writing up letters against donating Somaliland.

Ladies and Gentlemen

You have recently seen the incumbent president of Somalia Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo and his regional president Abdi Weli rejecting the borders demarcated by the colonialists. A defined border is what Africa is built on.

Farmajo and his colleagues claim a country with one ethnic group – if each ethnic group rules his region, I cannot speculate the image of the Horn of Africa and how it will look like. Fresh chaotic wars will start.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want pose a pertinent question to President Farmajo and the president of Puntland region: if you want rule an ethnic group hailing from the same clan, are you eligible to rule Mogadisho or Somalia currently?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The unity of greater Somalia failed and it is a place of no turn. The tentative solution is to live with peace and cooperate. Through good neighborhood and cooperation, both our countries will achieve tangible developments.

Somaliland security forces are still inside 75 km within their borders. They experience fresh skirmishes – we are still asking why? The retort is that Abdi Wali is going to get a 2-year extension on election. That is not the right way of thinking and pondering – what about those losing their lives!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are altruistic about the residents of Lasanod, Garowe, Hargeisa, Qardho  and Somali people at large – we are exhausted about war. We strongly believe that contentions are tackled through in-depth discussions and negotiations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Conflicts have been in existence since time immemorial – it is why a government is built – it is why security forces are recruited. I want to reveal you that the Grand Conference in Ga’an Libah is not threat to Somaliland – it will yield pleasant product for Somaliland. I was not a member and I have not seen the agenda, but due to my experience, the participants of that Conference are those who struggled and sacrificed themselves for the sake of the Republic of Somaliland.

I reiterate; the yield will stress that the unity of Somaliland is of paramount, the independence is untouchable and that the controversial matters should be grappled with around the negotiating table.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Another major in-wait issue is Eel-af-Weyn Peace Conference. We’ll dispatch from Hargeisa to participate the conference. We have experienced far greater contentions (vendettas) but we have successfully tackled with them. The conference will commence on 1st July, and we are very hopeful on the outcomes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Opposition parties eager the development of the country. We all like our country – we differ on ways to tackling tasks. Opposition parties do not come with slanderous and defamatory statements against their country and I appreciate that. I urge them to work out the unity of the people of Somaliland. The citizens should not also expect negative outcomes from the opposition parties.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have experienced natural disasters: prolonged drought, stormy cyclones, unemployment, and low economic income. We have done dramatic job to tackle those most pressing issues.

On 1st December, we’ll embark on the expansion of Berbera Port  and Berbera Corridor Project.

The feasibility study of Berbera Corridor has been commenced on. Also, the surveys and pilot studies on the sea have been undertaken.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The free zone in Berbera will also be put in place very soon. You – the people of Somaliland – should welcome the investors. Investors are very clever people. They want inject us robust investment. They want us stand by them. We want be civilized people to make use of these investments. We need to reach mutual benefit for both sides.

We are in dire need to learn and discover ways of swapping interests and sharing common things with the outside world.

Furthermore, investors need a free, vast land, quality roads, water, electricity, skilled labour, a legal license, a force that maintains its security. All these need consecutive trainings.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We  welcome the recently appointed PM for Ethiopia Dr Abby Ahmed and his dramatic changes in the Horn of Africa. The new PM has opened a new page for the history of Ethiopia after bolstering relations with most the rival countries.

We condemn in the strongest terms for the terror attack that occurred during the rally of supporting the PM in Addis Ababa. The same condemnation goes to the barbaric attack in Las Anod town committed by a Garowe supported militia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want also extend my congratulations to Djibouti people for their Independence Day which is dated on 27th June.

To sum up, I am very grateful for the security forces. We must always stand up for them. We must combat them. We all know that security forces tighten the security of this country. At the moment, they are on the front line of the defense because Garowe administration is preparing fresh war to make use of this celebration. We support our troops morally and materially. They deserve to be respected and deemed as heroes.


United We Stand Divided We Fall,

Always Hands in Glove