President appoints three state agencies, one national committee


In accordance with the powers bestowed by Article 90 of Somaliland National Constitution, I hereby nominate three state agencies and one national committee to serve for the nation.

Having satisfied for the qualifications and experience to hold senior public office avail, I hereby appoint:

Upon guidance of the constitution and having satisfied that credentials to hold senior public offices avail I hereby appoint below mentioned persons to the indicated positions within my government that take effect immediately.

  1. Anti-corruption and Good Governance commission
    2. National HIV/AIDS Commission
    3. Quality Control Commission and
    4. National Higher Education Committee

This was stated by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi in a presidential decree # JSL/XM/WM/222-215/102018, which takes effect immediately.

Guided by law #58/2012 and having ascertained their ability to undertake national duties, I hereby make the following appointments to the Anti-corruption and Good Governance commission:

  1. Ahmed Jama Mahmud. Member
  2. Abdiqadir Ismail Mohamed.Member
  3. Mohamed Ahmed Arale. Member
  4. Liban Ismail Abdilahi. Member and
  5. Dayib Adan Ali. Member

Likewise, referring by law #67/2015, I hereby appoint for National AIDS Commission:

  1. Nasir Ayjeeh Jama -Executive Director
    2. Muhdin Yusuf Ibrahim. -Director Awareness and mobilization
    3. Mohamed Jama Saeed -Director Training & Human Resource
    4. Mohamed Abib Yusuf. -Director Treatment and Welfare

Similarly, in accordance with the law #68/2014, the following members are appointed:

1. Feisal Mahmud Saeed
2. Mohamed Ismail Dhimbiil.
3. Ali Sheikh Mahmud aw Abdi and
4. Hasan Mahmud Moh

Deeming the importance of education to our country, I have also issued a decree termed as # JSL/XM/WM/222-215/102018, to make changes to the Higher Education Committee:

1. Hussein Haji Hasan Guleid – Chairperson
2. Mohamed Hasan Sh Mumin – Deputy Chair
3. Abdirizaq Muse Farah -Member
4. Osman Jama Adan – Member
5. Abdi Ismail Younis-Member and
6. Ahmed Ali Hirsi- Member

Lastly, the I thank the outgoing officials for the service and diligence to nation and urge the decree to take effect immediately after the release.