President Hosts Dinner for Foreign Diplomats & Guest Intellectuals of HIBF 2018


In a well organized dinner at the presidential palace, the president of the republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi welcomed the visiting researchers, writers, diplomats and intellectuals gracing the Hargeisa International Book Fair, 2018.


In his welcoming remarks, the president of Somaliland thanked the visiting foreign diplomats and intellectuals and welcomed them warmly to the Republic of Somaliland. “I hereby welcome the distinguished intellectuals and foreign diplomats for attending our country. Welcome to Somaliland – a peaceful, democratic country with developing aspirations. We are internationally unrecognized but we recognize our statehood. We definitely know that the world will one day grant full recognition to our country,” said the president.


On the other hand, President Bihi reminded the audience that Somaliland started its development from scratch. The president further went on and said, “Somaliland started rebuilding from zero without outside help.”