President Returns to Hargeisa after Working Tour to the Eastern Regions of Somaliland


The president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi returned to the capital city of Somaliland after a 14-day working tour in the eastern regions of Somaliland.

Upon arriving the suburb of the city, President Bihi was warmly welcomed by thousands of flag-bearers who lined up along the roads of the capital city.


Symbolizing respect, the residents of Hargeisa were waving wet leaves and Somaliland flags.


In turn, President Bihi showed patriotism after he disembarked from his car and addressed his people. He reminded the audience that he went to the eastern regions of Somaliland to acquire first hand information on accomplishments and constrains ahead.


Briefing on the aims of his working tour, President Abdi stated that he wanted to inspect the livelihood status of his people while at the same time launching development projects to meet the needs of the citizens. The president also thanked the warm welcome accorded to his entourage.


Stay tuned for pictures of President Bihi’s arrival to the capital city of Somaliland, Hargeisa earlier this morning.