President welcomes Presidential Election of Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State


The incumbent president of the republic of Somaliland HE Muse Bihi Abdi has welcomed the president-elect of Somali regional state of Ethiopia after chaotic situation in the region over the last two months.

Delivering a speech at the graduation ceremony of Hargeisa university, president Bihi said, “I would like to congratulate Ethiopia’s Somali regional state on their election of new president. Somaliland lauds the peaceful handover of power that has taken place in Ethiopia. We like your development; we welcome the 9 articles issued by the parliament of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state. Article 9 urges the integration of the two countries. We speak the same language; share the same culture, same religion. Somaliland definitely supports integration – Jigjiga, Go’day, Hargeisa and Burao should bolster their integration in terms of business, culture, sports and consultation.”

The president further went on and called on fostering fraternity between the two neigboring countries.

President Bihi on the other hand reminded Somalia that the dramatic changes in the Horn of Africa is a real example. He stated that the recently appointed PM of Ethiopia paid an official visit to Eritrea where he put everything on the negotiation table, while Somalia is still trying to impose nightmare sanctions on Somaliland.