Resilience and Progress: Somaliland’s 33rd Independence Anniversary Celebration


President Muse Bihi Abdi, alongside a host of distinguished guests, participated in a momentous event commemorating the 33rd anniversary of Somaliland’s independence, marking its return to nationhood on May 18, 1991.

Held in the bustling central square of Hargeisa, the capital city, the event showcased a vibrant display of community solidarity, government prowess, and military might. Notable attendees included former President Dahir Rayale Kaahin, parliamentary leaders, Supreme Court justices, diplomats, military commanders, and representatives from various sectors.

The festivities featured impressive demonstrations of military prowess, with Somaliland’s armed forces parading modern equipment, vehicles, and heavy weaponry, eliciting cheers from the gathered throngs draped in the nation’s flag.

In addition to the military spectacle, community organizations, local government departments, university students, and football teams from Hargeisa presented diverse offerings, adding to the celebratory ambiance.

Mayor Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge delivered a brief but poignant address, emphasizing the importance of unity in advancing Somaliland’s progress.

Former President Dahir Rayale Kaahin offered sage advice, urging political figures to prioritize national interests over tribal affiliations and to foster inclusive political agendas.

President Muse Bihi Abdi engaged with military units, commending their dedication and patriotism while reflecting on Somaliland’s journey to independence and the resilience demonstrated in the face of challenges.

In his closing remarks, President Bihi Abdi reiterated his congratulations to the community, urging steadfast commitment to nationalism and unity. He emphasized the pivotal role of the armed forces in safeguarding Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Furthermore, the anniversary festivities transcended national borders, resonating globally and showcasing the unwavering commitment of Somalilanders worldwide to the unity and prosperity of their nation.