Somaliland Celebrates the 28th Anniversary of the Armed Forces


His Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi, the President of the Republic of Somaliland, sends a message of congratulations to the National Army of the Republic of Somaliland, officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, wherever they may be, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces on the 2nd of February 1994 which falls on today. 

Likewise, the President sends similar congratulations to all the families of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation wherever they are.

The President wishes the troops and their families a peaceful and prosperous new year. “You have been a beacon of hope for the people of Somaliland for the last 28 years and it’s my hope that you will continue to defend and strengthen the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland,” said President Bihi.