Somaliland Council of Ministers Approve Key Policies


His Excellency, President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, chaired the 114th session of the Council of Ministers.

Prior to the start, the Minister of Regional Development, Hon. Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare, presented the National Policy on Climate Change. The Attorney General, Abdisamad Omar Maal, who participated in the preparation of the policy, gave the council more details about its importance. The council approved the policy with a strong vote.

The Minister of Communications and Technology, Hon. Abdiweli Abdillahi Sufi, then briefed the council on the draft Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Act. The council had a long discussion and analysis of the act, and ultimately approved it by a majority vote.

Finally, the council was given the Somaliland Agricultural Development Policy, which was prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture Development and the Attorney General’s Office. The Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Abdiqadir Iman Warsame, and the Attorney General gave the council more details about the policy and emphasized its importance.