Somaliland-Ethiopia Agreement: President Bihi’s Bold Stance


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi, delivered a comprehensive speech addressing various topics during the forum with Somaliland players from the UK. Additionally, he issued a robust response to the offensive remarks made by the President of Somalia.

Prior to the start, the President unequivocally addressed the agreement between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia, emphasizing that the implementation is in the best interests of both nations.

“In a historic moment, we have garnered support from a strong African government that will officially recognize Somaliland. Young expatriates have played a pivotal role in this achievement. In the realm of international relations, each country pursues its own interests; there is no room for charity. Our government believes that aligning the interests of Ethiopia with our own is paramount. Through negotiation, we have reached a mutual agreement, demonstrating our commitment and courage.”

President Bihi addressed the response of Somalia’s President to the agreement, asserting that Somalia does not have the authority to dictate the implementation of the agreement, as it falls within Somaliland’s jurisdiction. “This issue originated from Somalia, where the Italian colonial power previously claimed that Somaliland belongs to them and dismissed its existence. This stance reveals the true nature of Somalia’s leadership,” stated President Muse Bihi Abdi.

The President highlighted that Hassan Sheikh has consistently spoken against the sovereignty and dignity of Somaliland, with the intention of obtaining a signature, which is not feasible.

“Since January 1, Hassan Sheikh has voiced his opposition over 31 times to anyone who would listen. He persistently engages in rhetoric that undermines our national pride and integrity, which is unreasonable behavior. On the day I signed the agreement, I conveyed to Hassan that all his clamoring is merely an attempt to position himself as the signatory. His desire to assert control over our affairs is entirely unacceptable. The destiny of Somaliland rests solely in the hands of its people.”

“We are committed to implementing the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia. To those invoking Somali brotherhood and pledging to safeguard Somaliland and all Somali territories, I ask: where was this protection when Mogadishu was bombing major cities in Somaliland, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and displacing over a million people? Where was your solidarity then?” President Bihi stated.

Moreover, President Bihi spoke about the tragic killing of scholar Abdinasir Muse Dahable from Somaliland, who was recently murdered in Mogadishu, holding President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud accountable for the incident. “Hassan, the brutal murder of the young Somalilander in Mogadisho is on your hands. You have unjustly detained other young men as scapegoats for your actions, assuming the roles of judge, jury, and executioner. Those who tried to assist Abdinasir have been wrongfully arrested under your orders, labeled as criminals. History will not overlook or pardon your atrocities,” President Bihi asserted.

The president also addressed the false narrative being propagated by Somalia’s leaders, linking the recognition of Somaliland to the proliferation of Al-Shabaab, and emphasized that global recognition of Somaliland actually aids in combating terrorist organizations.

“The prevailing argument being spread by Hassan and his allies is that Al-Shabaab will escalate if Somaliland is acknowledged. I fail to see how Al-Shabaab’s influence would grow with Somaliland’s recognition. On the contrary, once Somaliland is recognized internationally, it will become a staunch ally in the fight against terrorism,” stated President Muse Bihi Abdi.