Somaliland: Large Event Held at the Presidency to Discuss Las Anod Conflict.


This past Thursday, a large-scale event was held at the Presidential Complex to discuss ways of de-escalating the violence in Las Anod and bringing peace back to the city.  

The meeting was called by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, and was attended by leaders of the Guurti (Upper House), the Parliament (Lower House), relevant members of the Ministerial Council, traditional elders, as well as other prominent figures who are well informed about the situation of Las Anod.

Various prominent members of the Somaliland community, all of whom spoke at the event, including the Speaker of the Guurti, Hon. Saleeban Mohamoud, Mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, and the Director of NAGAAD Network, Nafisa Yusuf Osman, pointed out the importance of Las Anod for Somaliland and expressed the need to find a lasting solution to the conflict in Las Anod.

Finally, President Bihi, who gave the closing remarks at the event, sent a message of unity to the Somaliland people. In his remarks, the President said, “Our first priority is to bring an end to the crisis in Las Anod. I call on traditional elders, intellectuals and the people of Las Anod to take part in the government’s efforts to bring peace back to the city. We need to engage in broad-based national dialogue to address core issues in Las Anod and reach a political settlement.”