The Republic of Somaliland marks 31 years of solidarity, unity and togetherness. Following a glitzy ceremony, the President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E Muse Bihi Abdi has sent his heartfelt congratulations to the people of the Republic of Somaliland for this auspicious occasion to mark the 31st anniversary on the reclamation of Independence on May 18th, 1991.

Addressing the nation, the President has touched on a wide range of issues. In his note, the President reminisced the audiences the history of the Somaliland-Somalia union in July, 1960. Likewise, the President depicted the reclamation of Independence when Somaliland elders announced the rebirth of Somaliland in Burao, 1991.

In his address, the head of state also urged youth to utilize the ubiquitous opportunities at hand, while at the same time urging them to endure hardships and circumstances in the country. “Youth should come up with comprehensive plans and measures to cope with the recurring droughts, climate change and should shape the future,“ said the President.

On this remarkable day, almost everyone was discussing the 18th of May. Many people are in awe of the position from which the President would acknowledge the passing hordes of marching men and women in uniform in front of Hargeisa Group Hospital, near the Presidential Palace, where the event was held this year. The podium from which he was addressing the nation on May 18 to reassert its unity and renew their resolve to make the world aware that they are willing to go another 31 years if necessary to restore the freedom they lost to an ephemeral unity in 1960.

In terms of Somaliland’s quest for international recognition, the President reminded his fellow Somalilanders to recognize themselves and urged the citizens to have a rapport with the neighboring countries and the international community.

Somalilanders continue similar celebrations across the country and the abroad to express their pride eloquently.