Somaliland: President Attends Graduation Ceremony at Berbera University


H.E. President Muse Bihi Abdi attended a graduation ceremony on Saturday for 65 students who completed their studies at the Berbera University of Maritime Sciences and Fisheries. The ceremony was held at the university’s campus in Berbera, and was attended by members of the cabinet, heads of the Sahil region and Berbera district, the leadership of the university, teachers, graduates, their parents, and other guests.

In his address to the graduates, President Bihi congratulated them on their achievement and urged them to use their knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of Somaliland. He said that the country’s maritime sector has great potential, and that the graduates are well-positioned to help realize that potential.

The president also praised the university for its efforts in providing quality education to the students. He said that the university is playing an important role in developing the human capital that Somaliland needs to achieve its goals.

The graduation ceremony was also addressed by the president of the Berbera University of Maritime Sciences and Fisheries, Abdiqani Mohamed Khayre, who spoke about the university’s commitment to providing its students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the maritime industry.

The graduation ceremony was a celebration of the achievements of the students and the university. It was also a reminder of the importance of the maritime sector to Somaliland’s economy and future.