Somaliland: President Bihi Announces Major Cabinet Reshuffle


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi has issued a presidential decree (JSL/XM/XKQ/222/1-708/092021), dismissing government officials and appointing new ones.

The Presidential Decree reads as follows:-

Purpose: Dismissals

To: Maxamed Muuse Diiriye,

      Former Minister of Water Development

To: Jaamac Maxamuud Cigaal,

      Former Minister of Minerals and Energy

To: Yuusuf Mire Maxamed (Boos),

      Former Minister of Youth and Sports

To:  Sh. Khaliil Cabdillaahi Axmed,

       Former Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs

To: Axmed Muumin Seed Habane,

      Former Minister of Agricultural Development 

To: Cabdinaasir Cumar Jaamac Rooble,

      Former Deputy Minister of Information, Public Awareness and Culture

To: Cabdiqaadir Cumar Jaamac Maxamed,

      Former Deputy Minister of Planning and National Development

To: Yuusuf Maxamed Guuleed Boodhle,

      Former Somaliland Representative to Ethiopia

To: Farxaan Aadan Haybe,

      Former chairman of the Public Service Commission

To: Cali Ibraahim Jaamac Baqdaadi,

      Former Governor of the Central Bank

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you well know, the responsibility of the state is to rotate so that it can delegate to those who are fit to handle it. As such, I have decided that as of today, you shall be removed from your positions and responsibilities. Thank you for your service and time in the office. 

Purpose: Appointment 

Having Seen: Article 90 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland;

Having Seen: Their knowledge, ability and experience;

Having Understood: That they are capable of taking on the responsibilities of this positions;

Having Done: Consultations 

I have Decided; 

  As of today, I am appointing the following officials:

  1. Ciise Kayd Maxamuud Raagsaale, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  2. Xasan Maxamed Cali Gaafaadhi Minister of Health Development.
  3. Maxamed Xaaji Cismaan Jaamac, Minister of Agricultural Development.
  4. Cabdirisaaq Ibraahim Maxamed Ataash, Minister of Transport and Road Development.
  5. Cali Xasan Maxamed Jaamac, Minister of Water Development.
  6. Cabdillaahi Faarax Cabdi Muuse, Minister of Minerals and Energy.
  7. Sh. Cabdirisaaq Xuseen Cali Albaani, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs.
  8. Cabdirashiid Xaaji Ducaale Qambi, Minister of Youth and Sports.
  9. Cumar Cali Cabdillaahi Bade, Minister of Planning and National Development.
  10. Cabdillaahi Abokor Cismaan Aw Yuusuf, Minister of Public Works, Lands & Housing.
  11. Cabdillaahi Cabdiraxmaan Aare Cismaan, Minister of Investment and Industrial Development.
  12. Baashe Cawil Cumar Cabdi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  13. Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan Xuseen, Deputy Minister of Health Development.
  14. Rooda Jaamac Cilmi Cabdulle, Deputy Minister of Finance Development.
  15. Cabdiraxmaan Cali Cabdi Cali, Deputy Minister of Information, Public Awareness and Culture.
  16. Muuse Ibraahim Yuusuf Salaf, Deputy Minister of Trade and Tourism.
  17. Cabdillaahi Xuseen Maxamed Cilmi, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs for Security Affairs.
  18. Cabdinaasir Caydiid Maxamed Faarax, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs for Regional and Local Government Affairs.
  19. Mahdi Cabdillaahi Cismaan Maxamed, Deputy Minister of Justice.
  20. Siciid Axmed Jibriil Bahal, Deputy Minister of Water Development.
  21. Cabdixakiim Siciid Muuse Cabdi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.
  22. Axmed Xasan Nuur (Axmed Taajir), Deputy Minister of Planning and National Development.
  23. Maxamed Axmed Maxamuud Cawad, Representative of the Republic of Somaliland to Ethiopia.
  24. Cali Cabdillaahi Daahir Xirsi, Governor of the Central Bank.
  25. Khaalid Jaamac Axmed Ducaale, Chairman of the Public Service Commission.