Somaliland: President Bihi Attends Graduation Ceremony of 410 Officers from Abdullahi-Askar Military Academy.


The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi today attended the graduation ceremony of the 7th batch of 410 officers who graduated from the Abdullahi Askar Training College in the National Army.

First, the President congratulated the 410 officers who got promoted to second lieutenants, in accordance with the law, rules and the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland. The President also underlined the profound security contributions they will make to our national defense, especially in the event of a crisis. 

The president called on Russia and Ukraine to end the fighting and come to the negotiating table, adding that what happened in Hargeisa and Burao did not need to happen in Ukraine. Recalling the horrors of the civil war between Somalia and Somaliland, President Bihi said, “Hargeisa in the 1988 bombardment was 17km from east to west and 13 km from north to south. Imagine 60 batteries of artillery guns of every caliber and make and 30 tanks mounted above it letting go of salvo after salvo on a city of civilians. Russia is not shelling Ukrainian civilian targets as Somalia did then.”

On another note, the President stated that the Political Associations and Parties Registration Committee will declare a new political association open and, from thereon, will continue its work until it identifies the 3 associations that will be certified as political parties for the next ten years.

“Three elections are slated for the year. The first will be that of the political associations RAC will declare registration of political associations open in June (2022). The three existing parties will have the same rights as the new associations. The associations will run against each other in order for 3 political parties to emerge. The presidential election, next, is scheduled for 13 November. Following closely is the selection of the Guurti, the upper House of the bicameral parliament, which also entails a lot of work,” said President Bihi.