Somaliland: President Bihi To Lay the Foundation Stone of National Museum in Hargeisa


In the Kheyriyadda – a famous place with ample historical background, the president of the Republic of Somaliland on Saturday laid the foundation stone of a new National Museum Center.


Following a formal announcement made by the presidency on the construction of National Museum, president revealed that the building will be erected in the heart of the capital city of Hargeisa.


In his briefing, president Bihi asserted that this place was associated with emancipation struggle during the Britishi colony. “This place has an ample history – it traces back during the days of British colony.”


Somaliland is touted as one of the nations with the longest historical artifacts and norms. This was disclosed by the president. He exemplified Laasgeel – which historians claim to have existed more than 5000 years.