Somaliland: President Receives Credential Papers from UAE Representative


The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi received credential papers from UAE representative to Somaliland Ambassador Abdulla Alnaqbi at the Presidency on Saturday March 20201.

Amb. Alnaqbi conveyed to the Head of State greetings from the UAE monarchy and thanked him for the cordially warm welcome he was accorded.

The President noted that the ambassador has been attached to a country that cherishes brethren-ship and bilateral relationship that is focused on bolstering development for the peoples and governments of both nations.

He gave the ambassador a brief re-cup of the re-assertion of the country’s independence, the rebuilding of the nation and the progressive steps and painstaking strides taken to date whereby the nation is about to go to the polls for the umpteenth time to fledge democratization processes to the hilt.

He further thanked the U.A.E. for cementing the bonds of relations and for investments made in Somaliland, becoming the first nation to undertake monumental project in the country.