Somaliland: President Sends Important Messages Regarding Upcoming Elections


His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, sent an important message about the upcoming elections to the national parties, political associations and the people of Somaliland.

In his remarks, the President said, “This upcoming year will be an election year for Somaliland. The voter registration is expected to commence on December 28, 2022. Up next will be the Political Associations and Organizations election. I urge you all to prepare for these elections in a responsible manner befitting our great nation.”  

The president also added that the government has allocated a 5 million dollar budget for voter registrations. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who has either lost their voting card or is not registered yet to do so now. In particular, the President called on all the regions that have previously not registered for elections in the country to do so now and take their rightful positions in our nation’s leadership. 

“After voter registrations are completed, I urge all 13 competing associations and parties to lead by example. You should not use your positions to disrupt the peace and promote hostility among our people. You should not diminish our nation’s values which are built upon unity and democracy,” said President Bihi. 

At the end, the President concluded his speech by thanking the US Senate and Congress for the passage of the NDAA which is expected that President Biden will sign it into law in the coming days. This legislation includes historic provisions supporting increased engagement between our governments on matters of vital mutual interest.