Cabinet Ministers Propose Draft Bill Granting Parliament Quotas to Women, Minorities


Chaired by the incumbent president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, the cabinet ministers overwhelmingly endorsed the amended presidential and local council’s elections (Consolidation & Amendment) a voters registration Law – No 20/2001 (2017).

The amended legislation which will pave way for women and members of minority groups excluded on the basis o birth or descent (EMGs) exercise their rights to stand for elections. The proposed modest number of reserved seat aimed at realizing, in a small measure, the equality rights in the Somaliland Constitution. The bill was drafted by Somaliland national electoral commission, together with civil societies groups, political parties and the solicitor general.

During last week, cabinet sitting, copies of the proposed amended Legislation were circulated to members of the cabinet, and after lengthy debate and review, the cabinet adopted amended legislation which allocates proposed modest number of reserved seats to women and members of minority groups.

H.E President Muse Abdi Bihi, prior to the voting on the amended said, “The amended legislation not gives reserve seats in parliament but also full representation to women and minority groups who at the present are noticeably absent from the decision-making process – to the detriment of the country’s development, the President argue are women make up 50% of the population and deserve to be given more political representation. It has been decided women should be allocated 18 seats in the 82 person parliament. So every political organization should allot 3 sea women in every (6) region of the country who shall compete amongst themselves thence every region shall chose women for parliament.

“In regard to Gabooye tribes (minority groups), we (3 political parties) have decided to allocate one seat to the Gabooye and I would suggest it should be a female, “Kulmiye” the ruling party has already decided it should be a female, an propose the other two political parties should do the same”, the President said.

The cabinet voted in favor of the amended Presidential and Local Councils Elections (Consolidation & Amendment voters registration Law – No 20/2001 (2017), the President thanked them.

On the other hand, the council of cabinet agreed to cut 5% funding for every development project slated in the 20 national budget which will go into east in July,the money will be used to support SL troops engaged in war with Puntland. ln addition, 20% of the President salary will be deducted, 15% from the vice president and 10% from each cabinet minister salary.