President Hosts Iftar Dinner for Religious Clerics


The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi last night hosted a Ramadan dinner for religious leaders from all regions of the country.

The (Iftar) dinner was held at the presidential palace in Hargeisa. Present at the function was the second and the fourth vice presidents of Somaliland Mr.Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah and Mr.Ahmed Yusuf Yassin respectively. Also occasioning the event was opposition chief Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe and government ministers.

The president held this dinner so that he could get to know the religious
leaders and see the best way they could work together to further develop
righteousness in Somaliland.

Some renowned names in Somaliland religious circles such the former
minister of religious endowment Sheikh Mohammud Suufi Muhumed, Sheikh Ali
Jowhar and Sheikh Abdirizak Albani congratulated the president for
continuing the tradition of having a good rapport with the religious

Former vice president Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah stated the link between the
president and the religious leaders should be strong. He warned about the
civil war in El-Afweine could steer uncertainty into the future and all
sundry should work together to put out the fire.

The opposition leader Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe encouraged the good relations
between the religious leaders and the president. He called on the religious clerics to
work to eradicate immoral behaviors within the populace.

The minister of religious endowment Sheikh Khalil stated that this meeting
would help to bring consultations and networking between the head of state
and the religious leaders

The president asked the religious leaders to help put out the El-Afwein
conflict by preaching sense into the warring functions. “Allah willing get
ready after the holy month of Ramadan, I want you to engage with the
El-Afwein people to find a lasting solution to this recurring conflict.”
The president said.