President Attends Launching Ceremony of HYUNDAI in Hargeisa


The President of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi on Thursday attended the Ground Breaking Ceremony dubbed Hyundai Motors franchised by Dahabshiil Group Firm which is bringing brand new cars produced by South Korean based firm, Hyundai.


The Political parties top brass, senior gov officials, business people, traditional elders, intellectuals and other guests have been in attendance the unveiling ceremony. Most of the speakers at the event have stressed the need for giant business people to launch huge projects that would be of great benefit to the public at large.


Ministers, opposition parties and other speakers have lauded Dahabshiil firm for pioneering to bring cars that will be operational for quite long time and can resist against the lack of proper roads in the country.


The Head of State of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi has personally congratulated Dahashiil Group for the progress that it has made in importing quality vehicles from overseas while the locals give up buying old cars from overseas. The president urged the business people to create huge projects in Somaliland as the security of the country has attracted world investors.


Mr. Bihi has also sent good news to Somaliland residents across the country that the protracted Eil Afwein animosity is coming to an end as peacemakers are involved in holding peace talks with the warring groups. Finally, the president has toured and inspected Hyundai Repairing Hangers established by Dahabshiil Group for fixing the vehicles.