President Bihi Urges Opposition Parties To Respect the Law


H.E Muse Bihi Abdi, the President of Republic of Somaliland on Wednesday speaking at the World Food Day responded to complaints raised by opposition parties against members nominated by the Head of State to newly formed Electoral Commission, and pointed out that those delegates he had appointed will be verified and approved by the relevant body and whatever outcome they come up with, I shall accept.

“The two opposition parties have already submitted their two nominees as permitted by law and we didn’t interfere with their selection since we’re all subject to the law and there is a body task with reviewing all nominees selected by all stakeholders; the house of Elders submitted their nominees and I didn’t interfere because we must respect the law, I have no powers to reject or stop, mine is to offer advice where necessary and even though I got doubts, I will tell the concerned political party that they’ve violated the law and the parliament won’t allow what you’re up too and they should correct themselves, but I never did say neither of that but I added the law permits me”, said the President.

The President added “Those nominated will be referred to the Parliament which will in turn judge if they fit the criteria required, even the Speaker of the House does not have the powers to decide on his own, only the full legislature can reach a decision on the matter after deliberations and vote on who to endorse or reject and if they reject my nominees or those nominated by the political parties it’s not a shame since I will nominated others who shall be approved because the law permits so and at the same time they (Parliamentarians)have the powers to approve the nominees.