President Bihi: It is infuriating and dumbfounding for Somalia
celebrating 26 June Somaliland Independence Day and claim the nation
as their province!
-Kenyan senator says it’s time for Somalia to accept facts and
Somaliland to join community of nations
-Guurti Speaker tells off Somalia and asks them to be mature

It is quite dumbfounding just as it is infuriating to see Somalia government observing 26 June Somaliland Independence Day. The sentiments expressed by none other than the President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi on the one of the 61st Anniversary of Somaliland Independence Day that was got from Britain on the 26th June.

The Head of State saw the Somalia move dumbfounding as it was illogical for them to celebrate an Independence Day of an entity it claims to be a province of its own!

The President laid bare the hypocrisy the so-called federal government of Somalia repeatedly indulges in as concerns Somaliland. The half-hour articulate speech mainly focused on the difference between Somaliland and Somalia, in essence, and why this country progressed politically since severing ties with Mogadishu and why the latter have not.

The commemoration, which was prominently graced by a Kenya delegation led by Mandera Senator Mohamed M. Mohamoud included the VP, both Speakers of Somaliland bicameral Parliament, the Chief Justice, the leaders and steering committee members of all the three official political parties, members of the cabinet, diplomats accredited to the country, service commanders, heads of para-statals, members of the clergy, politicians and eminent personalities drawn from the populaces. The President once more reminded the international community that the country of Somaliland as a nation is here to stay and is indeed

He gave a re-cup of the Reconnaissance for Africa which propelled the aspirations of independence for African countries hence underpinned the fact that the Somali speaking world were about the only people who decried “Scramble- for-Africa” mode of boundaries hence demanded for all Somali speaking world to be lamped together as one country. It is to this aspiration, the President said, that Somaliland being the first Somali speaking colonial entity to break the yoke of serfdom to gain independence thence took their gains, and in solidarity, to join Italian Somalia for an ill-fated union that could not realize their dream of a greater Somalia

The President reminded the audience at the function, and by extension the world, how Somaliland bore the brunt of destruction in the subsequent wars with Ethiopia and the battles against the Somalia regime who could not sustain and abide by the principles of equality entailed in a union.

He pointed out that the concerted efforts whose objectives focused on nation building, development and progress were achieved through co-operation within the members of the public.

Such perseverance formidably rebuilt the country from the ashes of ruins catalyzed by convictions of zealous patriotism. He said that such fetes were witnessed in establishing the armed forces and allied security apparatus and reconstructions extended to associated infrastructures in health, education roads etc and facilitating room for economic expansions through vibrant free enterprises.

In advent, the main difference between Somaliland and Somalia is, said the President, taking wrong and wayward decisions that was devoid of reconciliation and priority issues. To underpin the wrong path the Mogadishu state takes, the President wondered how and why they tend to celebrate an independence day of a different nation purporting it be a province of their own! He depicted how Somalia was hostile to Somaliland by the way the perpetually lobby internationally on ways and means of stunting Somaliland growth, even to the extent of lodging complaints at the UN headquarters as to why foreign countries such as the UAE etc should invest in Somaliland.

Such nonsensical Somalia whims may have as well be best underpinned at the same function by visiting Kenyan Mandera Senator Mohamed Maalim Mohamoud echoed wishes of all Somalis for the greater Somalia aspirations in the 1950s that culminated in the Somaliland – Somalia union.

He observed that since the dream has gone down the drain it was high time Somalia accepted the reality of the fact that Somaliland was a separate nation that had reverted to its prior sovereignty status. This is yet a more stern statement from a foreign official. The senator who happens to chair the finance and budget committee in his country is a senior engineer, an international chartered arbiter, a former longtime ambassador and also served in the Kenyan cabinet. He reminded the audience that Kenya and Somaliland shared the commonwealth history, quite apart from that of Somalia, and that it was inevitable and similarly, high time that it should join the nations of the world as a sovereign country. The Speaker of the Upper House of the Parliament, the Guurti, Hon Suleiman Adan told Somalia to accept that a chance of a second time union with Somalia is a by-gone and that they should grow up and maturely accept the fact.

His colleague of the Lower House of the Representatives Hon Bashe M. Farah noted that upon the union with the Italian Somalia, the Mogadishu lot took all the posh posts and termed Somalilanders as “crazy” people when the latter refused to cede further to more demeaning concessions.