Somaliland: President Bihi Meets with Sanaag Regional Leadership


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Musa Abdi and his delegation on a working trip to Erigabo, held meetings with the tribal leaders, intellectuals and scholars of the Sanaag Region. 

The President’s delegation interviewed the leaders of the region, who have reported at length on the development of the region and areas that are particularly in need of government assistance.

Several tribal leaders and intellectuals also commended the government for the projects it has implemented in the region and how it has given special importance to the province getting important development projects. They also noted that the security of the region is at its best thanks to the security efforts of the government. 

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, commended the elders and intellectuals of Sanag region for the unity and solidarity between them and urged them to work with the government on the security and development of the government.

President Bihi, for his part, first thanked the people of Sanag for their warm welcome, and underlined that he came to the region to complete important public services. The president informed the people of Sanag that there is peace and lots of development projects happening now in Somaliland, and urged the people of Sanag to strengthen their unity and take their part in the interest of their region and nation.