Somaliland: President Cuts the Ribbon of Several Government Projects in Erigabo


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi, on his third day of a working trip to Sanag province, cut the ribbon on various buildings that the government has implemented in Erigabo, the capital of Sanag.

President Bihi inaugurated new buildings, including the state law enforcement and the state court, which has been upgraded and renovated, the construction of a large-scale headquarters for the army and two new stations for the police forces operating in Erigabo. 

Additionally, the President inspected the newly constructed headquarters of the national army along with the Sanaag State University. The President heard reports from the university administration and inspected the university’s classes one by one. 

The president of Sanaag University, Mr. Ali Abdi Hurre, who gave a brief speech there, thanked the president for supporting the university’s various needs, especially as the number of students attending the university has substantially increased.

Finally, the president inspected the Daalo University in Erigabo, which is undergoing construction, and met with the administration in charge who briefed the President on the building and how it will help the educational needs of the region.