Somaliland: President Inaugurates Water Expansion Project in Hargeisa


His Excellency, President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi yesterday inaugurated the second phase of the water expansion project in the capital of Hargeisa. This project has been in the works for a long time and has been carried out by the Hargeisa Water Agency. The event was held in the Geed-deeble area in the north of Hargeisa and was attended by members of the cabinet, MPs, ambassadors as well as a number of high ranking gov’t officials. 

Prior to the start, the head of the water agency in Hargeisa, Mr. Mohamed Ali Darood, who spoke there, explained in depth the efforts and sacrifices that the agency has put in to make this project successful. Mr. Darood also mentioned that this project consists of new wells and pipes that have been placed between the capital and Geed-deeble area, as well as modern machines and equipment installed there which will contribute greatly to to reduce the water shortage in Hargeisa.

The mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, who made a brief speech at the forum, thanked the leaders and workers of the Hargeisa Water Agency, and said that they deserve high praises for the efforts they put in to make this project a success.  

Similarly, the Ministers of National Planning and Water Development, Dr. Ahmed Aden Buxane and Mr. Ali Hassan Mohamed, who also spoke at the event, described the success of the second phase of the project that will expand the water supply in the capital Hargeisa, and praised the leaders of the water agencies for their efforts. 

Finally, President Muse Bihi, who gave a speech on various aspects at the forum, first pointed out that the long awaited project has come to an end yesterday. President also praised everyone who contributed to the success of this water expansion project, emphasizing the various government agencies involved in this process. After that, the president made a brief inspection of the new wells and equipment that have been prepared for the expansion of water supply in Hargeisa.