Somaliland: President Meets with Family of Late Philanthropist Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh Mohamud


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, yesterday held a meeting with Dr. Abdiqadir Adan Sheikh Mohamud (Jengali), who is the brother of the late Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh Mohamud. Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh Mohamud is renowned for his contributions to the establishment of the Mohamed Adan Sheikh Children’s Hospital (MAS) in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The hospital, founded as per Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh’s wishes before his passing in 2010, has been providing essential medical services to children in the region since its inauguration on January 28, 2013.

During their discussion, the president and Dr. Abdiqadir Adan Sheikh touched upon various topics. Dr. Abdiqadir Adan Sheikh is known for his efforts in protecting the people of Somaliland from the tyrannical regime of Siad Barre.

In addition, the president had the opportunity to meet Dr. Abdiqadir Adan Sheikh’s son and nephew, Minister Saleeban Ali Koore, further solidifying the familial bond between them.

Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh, the namesake of the children’s hospital, had a notable career in the Somali-speaking community. He began his medical studies in Italy and eventually became the first Somali doctor at the age of 34. Despite facing challenges, including imprisonment by Siad Barre’s government, Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh continued to excel in his profession and even held esteemed positions in the health and education sectors.

In his later years, Dr. Mohamed Adan Sheikh played a crucial role in establishing the pediatric hospital in Hargeisa, leaving behind a lasting legacy of service to the community.

The meeting between the President and Dr. Abdiqadir Adan Sheikh was attended by various dignitaries, including the Minister of Interior, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the Chairman of the Kulmiye Party, Water Development, Saleeban Yusuf Ali Koore, and other respected individuals.