Somaliland President Meets with UK MP to Discuss Recognition


Hargeisa, Somaliland – President Muse Bihi Abdi yesterday met with MP Sir Gavin Williamson from the United Kingdom Parliament at the Presidential Complex. The meeting focused on strengthening relations between Somaliland and the UK.

Williamson is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland, which is a group of UK Parliamentarians who support the recognition of Somaliland as an independent state. He has been a vocal advocate for Somaliland’s cause, and he has visited the country on several occasions.

During the meeting, President Bihi and Williamson discussed a number of issues, including trade, investment, and security cooperation. They also discussed the ongoing efforts to achieve international recognition for Somaliland.

President Bihi thanked Williamson for his continued support for Somaliland, and he expressed his hope that the UK will continue to play a leading role in supporting Somaliland’s development.

Williamson thanked President Bihi for the warm welcome and expressed his commitment to continue working to raise awareness of Somaliland’s cause in the UK.