Somaliland: President Responds to Farmajo Remarks Pertaining SL Sovereignty


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, has responded appropriately to the inflammatory remarks made by President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, the leader of the weak western supported federal government of Somalia.

This comes after, President Farmajo while speaking at a forum a fortnight ago stated that Somaliland will never be recognized because it’ll lead to a domino effect in Africa. He added that Somaliland leaders have tried every avenue and everything to gain recognition for the past 30 years and all they have done is just waste the precious time and future prospects of its citizens and youth.

President Musa Bihi while attending a graduation ceremony for 400 (four hundred) teachers, the first batch to graduate from the newly established National Teachers Training College said, “The federal government of Somalia lacks the means of self-governing with five different Presidents opposing each other. He further stated that with such a vile mentality and with the five different presidents they would not bring Somalis together?

“I would like to remind President Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo, not to point to unity since he is the one who destroyed any hopes of unity by dividing Somalia, with each region having its own President.”